Wednesday, June 27, 2007


A budget is often thought of like a diet. You have to cut back on your spending (food) and keep track of everything you buy (eat). Do it for a little while until you reach your goal, then go back to "normal". Except you've deprived yourself for so long, as soon as you're free you splurge on a shopping spree or a bag of Oreos.

In reality, it's much easier and healthier to maintain consistent spending. Budgeting doesn't have to mean scrimping and pinching pennies. It's deciding how much money you're going to spend before you spend it. It's balancing your life with your financial goals. It's finding the best price for your expenses and necessities. It's maximizing your money.

Finding the balance can be difficult. Here I will discuss how my husband and I work to figure it all out, meet our financial goals and still live the good life.... on a budget.