Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cheap Date #5 - Cinema Pub

I try to find fun, interesting dates to go on with my husband that cost less than $20 for both of us. It's been a while, but we are back in the game, trying to go out on cheap dates without breaking the bank.

A little while back, I had a comment on a cheap date post that anonymously mentioned a local movie theater that also served drinks. Anyone who knows me would know that I am game for that! Well, it turns out that my "anonymous" commenter was actually my uncle! So he and my aunt knew that this is a place we would love to try. They were so convinced that they gave us a gift certificate to the Cinema Pub for our birthdays in January. Thank you!!

We drove to the theater on a Saturday night to catch the late showing of Atonement (which was a great movie, by the way). Like many less expensive movie theaters, they don't offer the brand new movies, but rather movies that have been out in theaters for a little while. With most movie theater tickets approaching $10 a pop, I can deal with seeing a movie that's a few weeks old.

Each ticket cost $5 and a pitcher of Bass was $14. Even in a bar, you'd be hard-pressed to find Bass for that price! Since we were also using our gift certificate, we went ahead and ordered some buffalo wings to go along with it, while staying well below our $20 budget.

If you live in MA or RI, I highly recommend the Cinema Pub, but if not, try doing a search for a discount movie theater in your area. It's a great night out, especially in the winter when outside dates aren't really an option.


Lazy Man and Money said...

I love the Cinema Pub. $25 for beer and movie out seems like a pretty good deal - not much more than you'd pay at home.

Lisa said...

I hope that your $20 out includes your tip for service (off the pre-discount price). Most restaurant and bar workers earn minimum wage (or less) and rely upon tips to earn their living.
If you can't afford to tip, you shouldn't go to someplace that has table service. It's part of the price!

JvW said...

Lazy Man - I love that you have been there, too! I was so excited to find it.

Lisa - We do include a tip in our $20, or it doesn't count as a cheap date. We do go on dates that aren't frugal enough for the blog, and a lot of our previous cheap dates are outdoors, picnic type eating. I've waitressed before at a few different places, so believe me, I would never eliminate a tip to be frugal.

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Dana Seilhan said...

Ha, that's awesome! We have a theater here in town that is locally owned and serves beer (and other drinks). You can also order a pizza from the pizza joint a few doors down and they will deliver it and bring it in to you. There are some tables at the back, behind all the regular theater seats, for that purpose. I love it. But I don't know how the prices compare to first-runs. Probably cheaper, because their stuff is second-run, but you never know. (I haven't been the one who paid, the few times I've gone.)

Anonymous said...

Come back Good Life, we miss you!!

Anonymous said...

I live in Western MA and, alas, no Cinema Pub, but it sounds like a great idea and certainly a place my husband and I would frequent. Nice to have you back again. Debbie C (can't get that damn google/blogger thing to work for the life of me)

Anonymous said...

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