Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Netflix Rave

I love me some Netflix. I always get excited to see this in my mailbox. We've been using them off and on for years. We rent old movies, new releases, entire series of TV shows (Entourage, anyone?), documentaries, etc. Instead of paying $50/mo for cable, we pay $19/mo for Netflix. My favorite things about Netflix are:

  • you can pick the number of movies you get at once - and pay accordingly ($19/mo is 3 movies at once)
  • fast 2 day turnaround - we send a movie back on Monday & get a new movie on Wednesday
  • their incredibly user-friendly website
  • they save your queue if you want to cancel your service for when you come back
  • their Watch Now feature, which allows you to watch selected movies & TV shows streamed online
I know some people prefer Blockbuster, but I have always loved Netflix. Any experience with Netflix or Blockbuster, please leave a comment.

UPDATE: I just got an email from Netflix saying they were lowering their prices to $16.99/mo plus tax. Do you think they saw this? :)

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