Wednesday, November 28, 2007 $10 off coupon = free stuff

I saw this at and wanted to share. If you sign up for Google Checkout, you get $10 off a purchase at I signed up and bought a USB flash drive for tax only and free shipping. Then I signed up using another email account and bought a Christmas present (for someone who reads this blog) for $7 less than I found it on Amazon and eBay, also with free shipping! YAY!

All $10 items that are free with this promo.

The USB flash drive I bought.

Many thanks to MoneySavingMom and her readers. I just started reading her website today, and I am so glad I did!!


paidtwice said...

Aww, you shouldn't have!


JvW said...

You crack me up!! If you were still in the northeast, I would give you free babysitting or make you all a nice dinner. :) Which, unfortunately, aren't available on!

Anonymous said...

Last Sunday...I found a great offer '$10 off $200 or more order ' at store through CouponAlbum shopping site....!