Sunday, December 2, 2007

November Round Up

All in all, November was a great month. We received extra paychecks, visited family, started our Christmas shopping, and paid off another credit card! Wow.

The best news of all is... we hit our debt payoff monthly goal for the first time since June!! In November, we paid $3103.14 toward our credit card debt, which surpasses our goal of $3000 per month and blows our budget of $2771 out of the water. The total paid to principle was $2971.48, bringing our current total debt down to $13620.08. To date, we have paid off 65% of our credit card debt, up 8 percentage points from October!

Despite my problems with my commissions, my income was still $330 above the budgeted amount, thanks to those extra paychecks. We went over our gas budget by $27.06, in part from the extra travel and also the increasing gas prices. I thought that was going to be much worse, so I am OK with that. The grocery budget was under by $10.98, but our fun money was over again by about $40. What is really hurting us there is we have gone to a few concerts recently, and it costs us more than the price of the ticket. Something to work on :).

The Christmas budget is coming along nicely. I have been filling out my Christmas Plan spreadsheet after everything I buy, and I'm about halfway done with all the shopping. It really helps to not be exchanging gifts with the in-laws this year (more on that soon). I am pretty amazed with how far my dollars are stretching, and I can't wait to write some posts about it. I knew I shouldn't have shared this blog with my family!

That being said, December is making me a little nervous. We'll be traveling again for New Year's, and with all the gifts and craziness, I'm going to have to fight to keep the budget under control. I know that if my commissions don't get sorted out, the chances of us hitting our debt payoff goal for December are pretty slim. The credit card we're working on currently has a balance of $2486.55 - I would LOVE to knock that off before the new year. I think it's going to be pushed into 2008, though.

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I'm impressed, great progress!!