Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Update & 7 Random Weird Things About Me

This week has been a crazy one! Work exploded all of a sudden and between that and Christmas, I have been overwhelmed. The good news is that business is up, which means more commissions! The great news is that there's about a 70% chance my commission backslide will be remedied and I will no longer owe my company the $2500. I have done all I can and I'm just crossing my fingers now.

In other news, I have been tagged by wealthy_1 over at Collecting my Cash for a 7 random weird things meme! I am definitely weird, so this should be easy :).

1. I have a wicked combination Boston/RI accent from growing up in the Ocean State and going to college in MA. Obviously, it is most prominent when I am angry, talking fast, or drinking.

2. I played rugby in college. If anyone knows anything about rugby, I was a second row, which is quite possibly the least glamorous position.

3. I like to sing in my car, dance & gesture wildly. One time, at a red light, 2 kids saw me, pointed and laughed hysterically. That was a little embarrassing.

4. I have different voices for each of my cats and I have conversations with them, speaking in my voice and then their voice. Usually the conversations are about Pounce or cat toys.

5. Following along with wealthy_1, I was caught cheating when I was in 3rd grade on a reading test. I was the one who knew the answers, and my pal Steve used to give me a pencil for each answer he took off my paper. He had some sick pencils. I think he still owes me a few.

6. I skipped 2nd grade, graduated high school when I was 17 and college when I was 20. People always seemed shocked that I wanted to graduate early instead of taking fake courses and bar hopping 7 days a week.

7. Penguins are my favorite animals. My PJ's are almost exclusively penguins, I have a penguin calendar, stuffed penguins, penguin candle holders... etc etc. The list goes on and on.

I am supposed to tag 7 more people, but I know how crazy everything is right now, so instead, leave a comment of one weird thing about you! Of course, if you want to play, then consider yourself tagged!


wealthy_1 said...

It's such a small world! I know there are many years between us, but I went to college in MA and my daughter was born in RI.

Thanks for sharing!

Lazy Man and Money said...

You might want to read the book Our Iceberg is Melting. It's largely a book about business lessons, featuring penguins solving a problem. It's only about 70 pages and has pictures on almost every page. You could read it to children and they'd think it's a fantastic story and not realize they were learning things the whole time.

Blue said...

I'm working my way through your archives and wanted to add my $.02:

I skipped half of kindergarten and half of first grade (one semester in each at a Montessori school), and I graduated high school when I was seventeen too!

'Course, it looks like I'm on track to graduate when I'm 23... (just a slight exaggeration, unfortunately).

My favorite animals are duckies. Not ducks. Duckies. The rubber kind. My whole bathroom is done in duckies, and it makes me so HAPPY every time I go in there. Which is great, because otherwise I'd hate my bathroom for being tiny and having an ugly wall color that actually looks pretty good with all the ducky decor.