Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Conclusion to the Late Fee Fiasco

Well, it's all over. I feel like I lost. I originally incurred a late fee on my Bank of America account, then I called and had it removed. They removed it for me. Twice. So I called and had them adjust that. They told me this would also adjust my minimum payment.

The bill is due today and the minimum payment stands at $171, which is $39 more than usual. The original late fee was... you guessed it, $39. I called them and their automated service also says $171.

I just paid them the $171. I'm afraid if I try to fight this anymore, my payment won't be processed in time and it will be late again. That's the last thing I want.

I am kind of angry at myself for even mentioning the $39 they gave back to me that extra time. I could have kept my mouth shut and earned $39. It's not like I haven't paid them many times that in interest charges. Grrrrrr.

Things will be so much easier when all the debt is GONE!


paidtwice said...

Argh! :(

That stinks. But at least now you can just move on.

JvW said...

I know, I was disappointed in BofA for not fixing it like they said they would and really mad at myself for getting into this situation. Put a bad taste in my mouth. Blech!