Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Late Fee Saga Continues

Last month, I made a mistake and paid my credit card late. To remedy the situation, I called and got the late fee removed. I then went to pay this month's bill and saw that they had made a mistake. The late fee had been removed twice.

This wouldn't even be a big deal at all, except their system automatically calculated my minimum payment this month to be $onelatefee more than usual. This was messing up my system. I'm snowballing our debt, so I pay the minimum on all but one card. Paying the extra $39 error would mean $39 less to the card with 19.99% interest.

So I call Bank of America. Again. I explain the situation, that they double credited my account. The woman I spoke with apologized and readjusted my balance. Great. I asked her when my minimum payment would be back to normal. She said after midnight. This was Friday. OK, thank you, have a good day. We were only on the phone for 6 minutes.

Today I go to make my payment. First, the balance has been adjusted. But the minimum payment has not. I am getting aggravated here. Mostly at myself for getting into this mess, and for saying something about their double credit mistake. If the minimum payment is going to be the same, higher value, I could have at least gotten the $39 credit. I know I've paid them that much many, many times over in interest. But I had to be honest (dang it!). So now I get to call them again.

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