Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cheap Date #3 - Life's a Beach

This date actually took place a few weeks ago. On the last Sunday in July, my husband and I decided to take a trip to the beach. It was hot and sticky and we wanted to go somewhere with decent surf. We chose East Matunuck State Beach in RI, about an hour away from our house. This beach, like many state beaches and parks, only charges for parking. At $14 a car (out of state) and with a picnic lunch, we could definitely come in under $20 for our date.

When we pulled up to the ticket booth, we were in for a shock! With happy circumstance, the day we chose to go was Governor's Bay Day in RI. Parking to all the state parks was free! I love that RI does this - it really promotes being outdoors and enjoying the beauty of the Ocean State.
This got me thinking. Many states offer days like this throughout the summer (google it), but unfortunately Massachusetts does not. They do have a yearly pass for $35/vehicle, and my library has free passes as well. I need to look into what parks that will work at and if it's only for certain days. But I of course love the idea of FREE dates!

My husband:

Look at that fog!

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