Thursday, August 30, 2007

Junk Mail

I went to our mailbox today and picked up our mail from the past two days. There were two credit card statements, my bank statement, a Netflix and seven credit card offers. Between two people. In two days.

This is preposterous! Can you imagine how many credit cards I could open if I applied for all of them? If the past two days were average, I would receive 910 offers in a year. Not counting Saturdays.

They all have a special promotion, of course. Zero percent until 2008! Pre-approved for $10,000 limit! Free balance transfers! You lose a little credibility, however, when there are two envelopes - one addressed to me, one to my husband - each claiming that I met a special qualification. You mean living at this address?

So I go through them, every day, sorting out the real mail from the junk, taking out the actual applications and shredding them, throwing out the inserts. Today I got a little fed up. I don't want them anymore! I found a website,, and removed my name from the list. They ask for your social security number, but I chose to leave that out.

Hopefully this makes a difference. I only put my name on the do not mail list, not my husband's name. The website states that it takes 5 days to process and then I should receive no more offers. I'll be counting how man I get and how many my husband gets to see how well this works, but I have high hopes. Aside from the annoyance, think of all the paper! And if you're easily tempted to open new accounts, this is a great way to remove the forbidden fruit.

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