Sunday, October 28, 2007

Being Sick is Bad for my Budget

As I mentioned earlier, I had a little bit of a cold this past week. Then my husband got it. While things are finally getting back to normal around here, it kind of threw us for a loop. I never really thought about how much energy we put into being frugal - until we had no energy.

I ate out 4 times this past week (including last night for the Sox game), which is way more than usual. Two of those were fast food, and one was using a gift certificate, but it really shows how lazy I get when I'm sick. We also had food in the freezer, ready to be made, and I made an emergency trip to the grocery store for comfort food - grilled cheese and tomato soup. I didn't cook once this week. That's unheard of! We ate leftovers and sandwiches and the aforementioned restaurant meals.

In addition, I called out sick from my second job one night. I really hate calling out sick, but it was definitely the best thing to do, as the next day I felt 1000 times better. Still, it really frosts my cookies to lose out on those hours. I work there to make extra money, so it's pretty pointless to stay home. It's only about $35 before taxes, but still. Since I spent last weekend away, my next paycheck is going to be half what it normally is. Fortunately, November is a three paycheck month, so it won't affect the budget too much.

I'm really looking forward to this week getting back to normal. Once the World Series is over and I can sleep again, things will go much more smoothly. My husband isn't traveling, and the paycheck planets have aligned so we will get 4 paychecks this week. All in all, I'm expecting a very good finance week.


Mrs. Micah said...

Grilled cheese and tomato soup is excellent comfort food! I'm craving it, but I think I have the ingredients at home, so maybe I should just go ahead and make some tomorrow.

When you're sick, the most important thing is to get your energy back, even if it means spending a bit more (or having someone else do it) or missing work. Sounds like you took care of yourself. I hope you feel a lot better!

Kyle said...

Well the World Series is over! Congrats on the Sox winning, I would have liked to see a more competiticve series. Oh well. I agree with MM, got to get better so you can get back to normal quicker. Even if that means calling in sick, otherwise it will take a lot longer to get better. Although I really feel your pain on missing out on hours at work.

JvW said...

mrs. micah - thanks, we both feel much better. That grilled cheese & tomato soup hit the spot!

kyle - though it pains me to say so, I wish the series was a little closer. Not 7 games, maybe 6 would have been good.