Friday, October 12, 2007


Guten Tag! This is a little late, but the carnivals for the week are up. I was pretty ambitious and participated in FOUR carnivals this week!

The Carnival of Debt Management was posted at Debt Consolidation Lowdown. I love this carnival because it reminds me that I'm not alone. There are (apparently) lots of other people out there who are obsessed with getting rid of their debt as well. My post on Why I'm Creating an Emergency Fund was include in the carnival. (Update on that soon!) Other posts I enjoyed include:

Next up is the Festival of Frugality hosted by My Retirement Blog. I love being frugal. Love love love it. My post on being Emotionally Frugal was included in the festival. I get lots of ideas from this festival; here are some from this week:

Moneymonk posted the Carnival of Money Stories, and my post on The Worst Financial Mistake I Ever Made was included. My picks from this carnival are:

Finally, Ask Mr. Credit Card posted the Carnival of Personal Finance. I actually submitted my article last week on Monopoly (late) and forgot about it, but it automatically forwarded to this week!

I can only imagine how long it takes the hosts of these carnivals to post, since this short wrap-up was time consuming! Please check out the carnivals, they include tons of great posts!


Money Blue Book said...

Wie ghets?
Frugality is a great way to live's not about being cheap - far from it. It's about not letting the marketplace force you to make bad or inefficient choices :)

What does you manual say about your car regarding oil changes?

Shawn Watson said...

Thanks for including my post as a part of your carnival. I really appreciate it.


Watson Inc

JvW said...

MBB: I don't really know German - I had to google it. :)

Both cars say 7500! Of course, that's ideal conditions, but I'm not going to stress about going so frequently anymore.

SW: Your posts are great. The work speaks for itself.

Matthew said...

Thanks for including my post on starting a business as one of your picks. It was a great week for carnivals.