Monday, October 22, 2007

Transfer Limbo & Updates

Last Thursday I finally initiated the balance transfer from our highest interest card to the new 0% card. While the transaction hasn't shown up on either card's activity yet, the 0% card now has only $200 available credit remaining. At least this reminds me that I didn't imagine making the transfer. :)

Somewhere between traveling all weekend and staying up late watching the Red Sox win the ALCS, I got a nice little head cold. I have a bunch of posts half composed in my head that I promised will spill out into the computer soon. The expense check should be coming in this week, so that will go back to normal. The Christmas shopping is off to a nice start, and that budget is well in check. All in all, things are boringly normal. Not a bad thing to have no financial crises so far this week!


Lazy Man and Money said...

For once the time zone in San Francisco helped us with the Red Sox games. They weren't late for us. On the other side of things, I tend to miss many of the regular season games since they start at 4PM.

wealthy_1 said...

Financially boring...sounds like a beautiful thing.

Anonymous said...

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